Welcome at the Defakto Watch Manufactory

Defakto is an independent german watch manufactory that offers high quality minimal design watches. The puristic Defakto watch collection offers in-house manufactured, three- and two-hand, as well as single-hand watches in numerous versions. Each Defakto wristwatch is Made in Germany and can be further individualized according to customer requirements. The high quality product guaranteed by Raphael Ickler, Designer and Founder of Defakto, can be attributed to more than 90 years of family experience in watchmaking. This goes back to 1924, when Karl Ickler founded the Ickler GmbH in Pforzheim, a city known for watch and jewelry production, situated directly at the foot of the Black Forest.

Nearly all processes from design, development, production, communication to watchmaking are carried out by 33 year old designer and managing director Raphael Ickler himself. Due to that fact stringent, honest watches arise, emphasizing an aesthetic of unique minimalism and sustainable, regional fabrication. Furthermore, Defakto is a member of the "Deutscher Werkbund" - an institution founded in 1907 by Peter Behrens, "Wiener Werkst├Ątten" and others. This economic-cultural "association of artists, architects, entrepreneurs and experts" was and is an important initiator in the fields of modern architecture and industrial design. Later the Bauhaus movement emerged from this initiative.

Defakto Automatic Watches


The unisex Defakto Vektor builds a bridge and shifts from classical 50s worlds to modern minimal design aesthetics. It offers a retro-futuristic design which is carried by a konvex dial that is followed by manually bended hands and the typical plexiglas sphere. The finely drawn indexation and the rounded, thin hands with similar sized, disc like hearts make up the modern, puristic character of the Defakto Vektor.


The two-handed Defakto Akkord is a striking, slightly brutalist aesthetics statement. It is available in both stainless steel and bronze watch case versions. The interplay of the contrast-rich material mix and the strikingly scaled dial in black or white sets a contemporary note and leds to a high readability. The Modular version of this highly balanced, characterfull watch has been awarded with the German Design Award. 


The integrated, minimalistic design of the Defakto Kinetik aims to visually emphasize the interaction of its skeletonized, transiting watch hands and the resulting geometrical constellations. The separate hour and minute indexes get framed by the associated watch hands for perfect readability. Available with black and white dial as well as stainless steel watch case with brushed or PVD coated surface. 


The Defakto Eins is the only minimalist one-hand watch that will turn heads. Its puristic dial and the singular skeleton hand make an unique statement; one that says you live at your own pace. On the Defakto Eins, time is read in intervals rather than moments, as the indexes represent the hour and 15-minute periods exclusively. The singular large hand is used to tell the hour and approximate minute synchronically. This watch will sharpen your intuition.

Defakto Quarz Watches


The super minimal, one-hand watch Defakto Mono comes along with a 5 minute scaled dial and an very flat 6.6 mm stainless steel case. All indexes have the same linewight and double their length according to the represented dimension of time at the scale of 5, 15 and 60 minute intervals. In combination with the line-wise fitting needle-like hand, this is the watch for minimalist people that like the idea of understatement and mind changing time concepts. 


The puristic two-hand watch Defakto Dialog is characterized by its understatement aesthetics. Its flat 6.6 mm stainless steel case offers a high-polished or black PVD surface. The Dialog looks quite norm on first sight but offers a lot of design concept in its details. The characteristic and finely drawn indexes of the dial and its light, well balanced rounded hands give a easy to read overview of the actual time and make up the elegant touch of the watch. 


The three-hand watch Defakto Struktur is characterized by its minimal design, the 6,6 mm flat watch case and the separate second hand. The fine indexation is drawn with identical line-wight to achieve a pure and balanced design. This effort is directly supported by the light, rounded hands which add extra-character to the watch. The separate second ensures accurate reading and extends the puristic watch with a certain liveliness in detail.

Design and Manufacture of a Defakto Watch

The wide range of manufacture in Germany is an integral characteristic of Defakto. Only few watch brands can offer such a high in-house added value. On the design level all watches of the Defakto collection are fully attributed to Bauhaus inspired contemporary minimal design. This mindset is built up from the functionally formed, high-quality Ickler manufactory watch cases, the pure aesthetic of a balanced play between hands and dial and the reliable tact of precise Swiss and Japanese movements. Defakto watches offer advanced design concept aspects on the meta level. As an example the Defakto Kinetik┬┤s design is based on the visual emphasis of resulting geometrical constellations generated by the interacting skeleton watchbands. For the Eins and Mono one-hand watches, fifteen or five minute indexes convey a more relaxed experience of time.

The in-house built Defakto watch cases are manufactured of 316L stainless steel or CuSn8 bronze. The black coating used on some watch case surfaces consists of PVD, a highly durable material originally used to harden industrial milling tools. The built in, high quality movements are Swiss Made (ETA 2824, Ronda 712, Ronda 6004.D) or Made in Japan (Miyota 9015) and known for their precision and durability in everyday life. All Defakto watches are available with black or white dial as well as in material or surface variations and can be further customized on customer request. For the partly used fluorescence the biodegradable Swiss Made Superluminova is used. Almost all Defakto wristwatch models are available without logo as the so called Inkognito version. As matter of fact these models can be built up as a right and left-hand watch. 

Defakto Watch Straps

Here you can find an overview of the Defakto watch straps. All leather straps are handcrafted in Bavaria, Germany for Defakto. Only high quality cowhide of european origin is used. Each bracelet comes with an engraved Defakto buckle, additional or separately ordered straps are supplied with two spring brackets. All Defakto leather bracelets are designed for arm circumferences from 17 cm to 21.5 cm. The Defakto Lack leather strap is suitable for small to medium arm extents from 14,5 to 19 cm.

In addition, Defakto watches offer individually adjustable bracelets of non-animal origin. For example the 100% natural Kautschuk strap or the high quality Perlon or Nato straps. Defakto also offers stainless steel bracelets available in a rough segmented style or as a fine Milanese version. The customizable Defakto straps and bracelets are shipped in their default setting. The individual customization is simple if questions appear Defakto or any watchmaker is happy to help.

Defakto Packaging Design

When ordering a mechanical wristwatch it will be shipped in a rectangle box which has  been hand made in Germany exclusively for Defakto. It consists of 100% recycled paper and offers the typical rough, lively surface of a natural cardboard. The double-sided bookbinding cardboard, which is laminated to massive 1300g/qm, makes the Defakto packaging very stable and haptically as well as optically particularly valuable. Each box is processed from one piece of laminated cardboard only.

The first scribed and then kinked edges show architectural features and give the box its unmistakably minimalist shape. Inside, the watch is fixed to a free-floating carton by two black hat rubber loops. This inner system is removable from the box for better handling. The cellastic cut on the back of the lid protects the watch additionally. The 3-piece box with recessed, white Defakto embossing has a dimension of 280 x 80 x 30 mm. This box can be ordered along with any Defakto Quarz watch too.

By standard all Defakto Quartz watches come with the German Made sleek black cardboard box. Accompanying our very flat watches Mono, Dialog and Stuktur the box reminds of these from high quality knifes. While being shipped your watch is safely embedded in black, coarse-pored foam. 

On the outside the box has a nice structured, matt surface and offers good aesthetics and haptics. The white Defakto logo is embossed to the lid. The edges of the box are slightly rounded. This Defakto packaging has a size of 255 x 55 x 20 mm and comes in 500g/qm material weigth.