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Defakto is an independent German watchmaker that manufactures high-quality minimal design watches since 2009. The puristic Defakto watch collection offers in-house-manufactured, three- and two-hand – and even single-hand – watches in a range of different versions. Each Defakto wristwatch is made in Germany and can be further individualized according to the customer’s desires. Guaranteed by Raphael Ickler, Designer and Founder of Defakto, the unmatched quality of the watches can be attributed to the Ickler family’s more than 90 years of watchmaking experience. This tradition goes back to 1924, when Karl Ickler founded Ickler GmbH in Pforzheim, Germany, a city famous for the production of fine watches and jewelry, situated directly at the foot of the Black Forest.

Nearly all processes – from design to development, production, communication and watchmaking – are carried out personally by 35-year-old Designer and Managing Director Raphael Ickler. This level of personal attention produces stringent, honest watches, emphasizing an aesthetic of unique minimalism and sustainable, regional fabrication. Defakto is also a member of the "Deutscher Werkbund" – an institution founded in 1907 by Peter Behrens – the "Wiener Werkstätten", as well as other collectives of craftsmen and professionals. The Deutscher Werkbund is an "association of artists, architects, entrepreneurs and experts" with a long history of innovation that gave rise to the Bauhaus movement. It remains a key initiator in the fields of modern architecture and industrial design to this day.

Defakto Automatic Watches

Limited Edition: Eins "10 Years Defakto Watch Manufactory"

German Design Award Winner 2020: Transit





Defakto Quarz Watches




New Watch: Mitternacht

Defakto Packaging Design

All our mechanical watches are shipped in a German-made box hand-crafted exclusively for Defakto. The box is constructed from 100% recycled paper and offers the rough, lively surface of natural cardboard. The double-sided bookbinding cardboard, which is laminated to solid 1300 g/m2 weight, makes the Defakto packaging stable while being haptically and optically elegant. Each box is processed from a single piece of laminated cardboard.

The scribed and bowed edges show architectural features and give the box its unmistakably minimalist shape. Inside, the watch is fixed to a free-floating carton by two black rubber loops. This inner system is removable from the box for better handling. The cellastic cut on the back of the lid provides additional protection. The three-piece box, with recessed, white Defakto embossing has dimensions of 280 x 80 x 30 mm. 

As standard, all Defakto Quartz watches come with our sleek, black, German-made cardboard box. Accompanying our very flat watches Mono, Dialog and Struktur, the box is reminiscent of those of high quality knives. During shipping your watch is also safely embedded in black, coarse-pored foam. 

The outside of the box has a structured, matt surface and offers opulent aesthetics and haptics. The white Defakto logo is embossed on the lid. The edges of the box are slightly rounded. This Defakto packaging has a size of 255 x 55 x 20 mm and comes in 500 g/m2 material weight.