Defakto Eins Inkognito

The Defakto Eins Inkognito (42 mm x 51 mm x 9,8 mm, weight 67 g) could not be more puristic. In addition to its aesthetics the ultra-minimal dial of the logo-free single-hand watch leads to a timepiece that allows both left- and right-handed use in the same model by simply turning the watch 180 degrees and adjusting the time to fit.

The Eins Inkognito is the only minimalist one-hand watch that will turn heads. Its puristic dial and the singular skeleton hand make a unique statement – one that says you live at your own pace. On the Defakto Eins, time is read in intervals rather than moments, as the indexes represent only the hour and quarter-hour periods. The large single hand is simultaneously used to read both the hour and approximate minute.

Due to the extensive, almost brutalistic indexing, the time can be read accurately to the nearest five minute interval. Wearing the watch for a while will give you a more positive, intuitive approach to time. The lack of precision will fine-tune your intuition and decelerate your day. This single-hand watch will change your perception of time. It comes in a 42mm Ickler watchcase and offers 10ATM. On top there is a sapphire crystal. The modulated Swiss made Eta 2824-2 automatic movement simulates time. The watch offers a german made cowhide strap with fast release system.

One-hand watch readability: The dial of the Defakto Eins one-hand watch is based on a 12 hour scale and is broken up into large hour and medium 15-minute intervals. The singular hand of the watch is used to tell the hour and approximate minute. For example, the shown model is set to 7:25 am/pm. The Eins Inkognito can be worn at the left or right hand simultaniously.

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